How to Create Attractive Free Blog?

Creating an interesting blog is the same as creating another blog. Every blog owner hopes that after creating his blog many will visit him. To get a blog like that requires optimal and always updated management and management.

How to Create Attractive Free Blog?

In addition, creating a blog also requires writing that is different from other blog searchers who are interested in including our blog posts in search results. To save time, just skip to the steps to create a free blog account:

1. Create Gmail email

The free blog facility that is used as an example in this tutorial is Blogger or Blogspot from Google. If you don't have an email account from Google, you must register an email first.

2. Register Blogger account

After the Google email registration process is successful, next is to go to the Bloger site page at After that, register a new blog by following the steps in the guide on that page.

3. Set features

After the blogger account registration process is complete and you get confirmation from Google, you can use your blog account. After that you have to make optimal settings so that your blog becomes attractive and entered by visitors.

In the Blogger dashboard, you can freely select the features available to embed on the blog. There you can also support to enhance the appearance of the blog. You can also download additional templates for blog page rules to match your blog theme

Tips for creating interesting blog posts

Having an attractive blog does not only depend on the available feature settings. But it also has to do with the form of writing and the posts you make. How to create a blog with interesting posts requires a few tips such as the 3 steps below:

1. Create an interesting article

If the post to be made is an article, then make an interesting article. The content on the blog must be new and not the result of writing from other articles. Because search engines will not be interested in plagiarized writing.

Therefore, the first thing that must be considered in making an article or writing on a blog is to look for trending themes. Then after finding a theme, make an article or article that is new and different from the existing writing.

Creating a blog that contains fresh writing will attract the attention of Google and other search engines. That way, they will display your blog in the top keywords that appear in search engine search results.

2. Make the writing format easy to read

Apart from writing interesting writing, you also consider good governance so that it is easy to read. Use a space that is not too tight so that it is not difficult to read. Also place pictures or videos in a place that doesn't disturb visitors when reading your blog.

Also take advantage of the various existing number formats, such as titles for titles and subtitles, numbering to sort numbers, and others. You should also include some standard styles such as bold, italic, and underline.

3. Select the appropriate font

The choice of fonts in articles also affects the comfort of blog visitors who read your writing. The use of a font with a complicated model because it will make visitors uncomfortable when reading it. In addition, use a font that is not too small so that it is not difficult to read.


You should also learn SEO mastery techniques and other tips that will always place you first in the search results. Good luck with how to create this blog and I hope you become a successful person who begins with writing a blog.

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