What is SEO, Purpose and Types of Optimization

 What are the Purpose and Benefits of SEO?

The most basic goal of SEO is of course to get an optimal position in search engines.

What is SEO, Purpose and Types of Optimization

Getting traffic or visitor traffic. If a stream is created, when the first goal above is reached, the site will automatically get the traffic name.

Get new and quality visitors. This means that visitors who get really visitors who need the information presented.

Increase the duration of the visit. Logically, visitors who get the information they need will be willing to linger on the site to satisfy their curiosity.

Increase conversions, if you are a salesperson, then SEO can give you better conversions.

Increase popularity, authority and of course brand awareness. This means, it's easier for people to remember your site.

What are the types of SEO optimization?

After discussing the meaning and purpose and benefits, it's time for us to get into the rather heavy material. Namely the types of SEO optimization. In general there are two types of optimization, the first is On Page SEO and the second is Off Page SEO.

SEO On Page

SEO On Page is a series of optimization efforts made on your own site so that existing pages meet good SEO criteria. This type of optimization is the easiest optimization to do and has even become a routine ritual for bloggers.

On page SEO techniques can be done by including relevant keywords in several parts of your site. As an example:

  • Site title or article title
  • Description or Meta Description on the main page and also the article
  • Content of the site or article
  • Category
  • Permanent link or URL
  • Title
  • ALT pictures and images

SEO Off Page

Off-page SEO is the same, it is also a series of optimization processes, but it is done outside of your site, but is part of the factors that can affect your site's ranking. In this case we will talk more about backlinks or backlinks.

This technique is done by building backlinks from certain sites that lead to your site. What's the point? The point is to increase the popularity of the site which will also be a determining indicator of position in search engines.

Every time the SEO Off Page method develops and undergoes changes, some practitioners even think that backlinks are no longer important. But in my personal opinion, backlinks are still important and decisive as long as they are implemented in the right way. Here are some types of backlinks recommended by SEO practitioners.

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