7 Ways to Overcome Laptop Overheating

Laptops sometimes experience overheating or overheating. This sometimes shuts down the laptop itself. If it is not resolved immediately it can result in a decrease in performance, even it can cause the laptop not to last. For that, you need to take a few steps to solve the problem.

One sign that your laptop is hot is a fast fan / fan. The reason is, the laptop fan is indeed made fast automatically when there is an increase in processor temperature. Different when normal. The fan rotation will not be as fast as when the processor is hot.

In addition to fans that run fast when they are hot, there are several brands of laptops that turn off automatically. This is to avoid damage to laptop components.

Here are some steps we can take to solve the problem of a hot laptop.

1. Air Circulation

The easiest step we can do the first time is to add an external fan. You can make it yourself with the power of Usb. Or by buying an external fan at a computer store.

Why? We tried this first method by assisting with cooling from the outside.

There are several possible causes,

It could be because of a computer virus or

Due to the large application specifications so that the laptop experiences overload.

Apart from the 2 problems above, there is a possibility that the clean air circulation conditions on the laptop are not good. The fix is ​​by cleaning the filter and heatsink

2. Clean the Air Filter and Heatsink

Try to pay attention to the condition of the inside of the laptop. Make sure it's not too dirty. If indeed the conditions are too dirty. You can clean the inside of the laptop. If you don't dare, you can enlist the help of other people who have opened the laptop case.

It's just that you need to remember, the laptop warranty will run out when you open the case. The warranty seal on the bolt will be lost.

When you clean the heatsink, make sure you add thermal paste back to the processor. Although there are some people who replace the thermal paste with toothpaste, it doesn't last long, it's better to buy it at a computer repair shop. The price is quite cheap.

The thermal paste serves to properly transfer the processor heat to the heatsink.

3. Reduce Open Applications

The biggest heat a laptop generates comes from the processor. Laptop processors will go the extra mile when you open multiple applications simultaneously.

You can only run a few essential applications when using a laptop. Closing some other unnecessary applications, apart from increasing the processor heat, opening too many applications can increase the power consumption.

4. Pay attention to the position of the laptop

Usually the air circulation in the laptop from the bottom to the side. You have to keep this air well circulated.

Avoid putting the laptop on the mattress. Besides being dusty, this can cause disturbed air circulation. Sometimes we don't really pay attention to the cleanliness of the laptop place. For that, make sure the laptop stand is clean so it doesn't cause the filter to clog.

5. Check Fan Performance

In addition to some of the solutions above, the cause of your laptop is hot, namely because the condition of the cooling fan or fan of your laptop is not optimal. You can try to feel the airflow in the fan. Normal or not. Usually when the laptop gets too hot, the fan speed will increase, buzzing loudly.

If there is a problem with the fan / fan, you can replace the fan. Or by adding a cooling pad as written in point number one above.

6. Cleaning Laptop Viruses

The part of the laptop that generates the highest heat is the processor. The processor will go the extra mile if your laptop is exposed to a virus. For that, try scanning and cleaning your laptop using an antivirus.

Or you can use deepfreeze like I did on my laptop. Since 2010 until now, it has never been reinstalled and has been hit by a virus.

If the laptop file system is clean from viruses, your laptop will work fast, the processor will be lighter. As a result, the temperature on the heatsink becomes cooler.

7. Use a Water Cooling laptop

Currently, laptops with cooling water cooling systems are available on the market. This system uses water as a coolant. Like a diesel engine. You can buy a new laptop with a water cooling system.

This type of cooler is proven to be more effective at maintaining laptop temperature. Unlike the old way, namely by using an ordinary fan. The water cooler model functions as a radiator like a car engine.

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