Choice Between 2 Tube Washing Machine and 1 Tube Washing Machine

Washing machines are one of the most sought after electronic items, especially for housewives who have a lot of activity. With a washing machine, of course, washing clothes is much more practical and saves time. From various well-known electronic brands, there are many choices of models and designs. Actually, currently the washing machine has 2 different types, namely a 2 tube washing machine and a 1 tube washing machine.

When going to buy a washing machine, apart from looking at the specifications of the machine, we may be placed on a confusing choice between the types of washing machines. What differentiates the performance and which one is more efficient for the mother to use? In this article I want to discuss further about the differences in the functions of a 1 tube washing machine and 2 tube washing machine and what are the advantages and disadvantages of each.

1. 1 Tube Washing Machine

As we know, this type of washing machine only has 1 tube that can run automatically as a place to wash, rinse, and dry. So that mothers can freely do other work quietly and leave the washing task completely to the machine. This 1 tube washing machine has 2 different subtypes, namely the Top Loading washing machine (top door) and the Front Loading washing machine (front door). In terms of operating systems, there are 2 types that are distinguished:

1. Fully automatic - the washing machine will run independently from the start to the end of the washing process with just 1 button press.

2. Semi automatic - the name is only semi, so it is not fully automatic. You have to press the menu button for the machine to work as needed, such as washing, rinsing, or drying it.


1. Very practical, of course, because the operating system is automatic.

2. Save time, no need to keep an eye on when the machine is doing its job.

3. The ability to dry can be up to 90%

This water regulator is automatic, so that no excess water is wasted.

4. Load more loads, because the machine only has 1 tube, the tube diameter is quite large

Does not take up much space because the body is smaller than the 2 tube washing machine.


1. More wasteful of electricity than a 2 tube washing machine

The price is relatively more expensive

2. Maintenance costs and spare parts are also more expensive

Prone to damage, because the system is more complicated and has many additional components than a 2 tube washing machine

The menu settings may be difficult to understand at first

2. Washing Machine 2 Tubes

This washing machine is generally operated manually with a rotary knob and has 2 tubes with different functions. 1 used for washing, then the other tube for drying. Since this washing machine consists of 2 tubes, this washing machine has 2 machines and 2 separate timer buttons. This 2 tube washing machine is most widely used by our society because of its economical price. Let us further explore the advantages and disadvantages of this machine.


1. The price is definitely cheaper than a 1 tube washing machine

Electricity is more efficient because the operating system is still manual.

2. Cheaper maintenance and spare parts

If one of the tubes is damaged, at least one can still be used, which is still sufficient to save the mother's labor compared to washing or drying by hand.

Adjustment is easier by turning the knob


1. It takes more space due to the size of the 2 tube body

2. More hassle to use, because you have to control the machine from the beginning to the end of the washing process. Not to mention having to move clothes from one tube to another.

The operation method is still manual, you have to turn the knob every time you wash, dry, and throw laundry water.

The dryness rate is only up to 70%

The washing process is by soaking the laundry in water, so that the possibility of clothes becomes bigger (stretchy) or the buttons on the clothes can come off.

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