Definition, characteristics, types and requirements of photojournalism

Photojournalism is the delivery of news, information, or messages through pictures. Its functions include informing, convincing and entertaining.

Definition, characteristics, types and requirements of photojournalism

Photojournalism is communication through photos. The communication carried out will reveal the photojournalist's view of an object, but the message conveyed is not a personal expression.

Photojournalism is communication with many people. Therefore, the message conveyed must be short and must be immediately accepted by various groups.

Jrunalistik Photo is a photo editor work.

The purpose of photojournalism is to fulfill the absolute need to convey information to others, in accordance with the amendments to freedom of speech and freedom.

Types of Photo Journalism

  • Spot Photos. Is a photo created from unscheduled or unexpected events taken directly by the photographer at the scene. For example photos of accidents, fires, fights, and wars. Because they are made from rare events and represent conflict and tension, spot photos should be broadcast immediately.

  • General News Photo. Have immortalized photos of schedules, routines, and event possibilities. The theme can be various, namely political, economic and humor. For example, a photo of the president awarding the Mahaputra star, the minister opening an exhibition, a clown in a show, and so on. other.

  • People in News Photos. Is a photo of a person or community in the news. What is displayed is the person or figure who becomes the news. It can be funny, fate, and so on.

  • Daily Life Photos. Are photographs of everyday human life in terms of humanity (human interest). For example a photo of a merchant at a train station.

  • Potrait. Is a photo that shows someone's face up close and side by side. Appears because of facial oddities or other oddities.

  • Sports Photos. Is a photo created from a sporting event. Because sport takes place at a certain distance between the athlete and the spectator and the photographer, taking sports photos requires adequate equipment, such as a long lens and a camera that uses motorized drives.

  • Science and Technology Photo. Is a photo taken from an event related to science and technology. For example photos of the discovery of new microcomputer chips, photos of the cloning process of sheep, and so on.

  • Art and Culture Photos. Is a photo made from cultural arts events, for example a photo of a jaipong dancer, Iwan Fals' appearance on stage, and so on.

  • Social and Environmental. Are photos of the social life of the community and their environment. For example, a photo of residents around the Manggarai River washing dishes.

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