The 6 Most Important Portrait Photo Tips

Let's discuss together photography tips. Even though it's easy, if you already know how the theory is correct, of course the resulting portrait photos will be of higher quality and look more professional. No need to linger, let's just look at portrait photo tips that are correct and easy to do.

Below, we will explain some portrait photo tips you need to take to get quality photo shots. Is as follows :

The 6 Most Important Portrait Photo Tips

1. Use a long focal length lens

The use of a focal length lens with a size of 200 mm or at least 85 mm is done to prevent blur in the area around the background to make it look smoother. In fact, later the results of this one portrait photo tip will be closer to the subject because the character of this lens is to bring the subject closer to the background, which is certainly different from a wide lens which actually makes it even farther away.

2. Prevent or Avoid Eye Levels

Indeed, in general, a lot of photos produced by photographers are likened to eyes or eye blisters. However, to give a portrait shot with a different point of view, you have to prevent the eye level when shooting. Please note that although it looks different, this technique can also balance more than 1 subject with different body types and different heights.

3. Use Flash from Point of View from Various Directions

Generally, portrait photos taken in dark conditions usually use flash. However, Illumination of the subject with the flash from the camera will result in a flat face of the subject that will eliminate the sense of its dimensions. Therefore, portrait photo tips are highly recommended to get portrait photos, turn on the flash from the side so that later it will give the impression of light and shadow. Not only that, the light from the side will also help bring out the details of the subject. So, it seems that this method is suitable when combined with portrait environments where the landscape as the background will look very attractive.

4. Use Framing Correctly

The framing technique is also considered quite useful for getting the right portrait photo composition. In this case, to get stunning portrait photos, it is highly recommended to use a telephoto lens which can later be shot through a hollow object in the area around the foreground to give a smoother framing effect.

5. Avoid Gaps at the Top of the Subject

In addition to basic camera techniques, one of the tips for portrait photos must also pay attention to the area of ​​the photo object. With regard to portrait photos, to get the right distance, avoid gaps in the area above the subject or head. Although trivial, this needs to be done so that the resulting portrait photos are more memorable and the focus point is clear.

6. Adjust the subject's eye composition

Besides that, eye focus is also very important to give a stronger impression of focus. The reason is, the eye is one part that becomes the focal point of a portrait photo. Correctly adjusting the eye composition will ensure a better fit shot and prevent a fake impression.

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