Minimalist Bathroom Design Ideas Wrapped in Ceramic Charms

The monotonous bathroom design all the time must be very boring. A minimalist bathroom only has a function as an area where you and your family can clean your body. However, of course you will feel more comfortable if your bathroom has an attractive design.

Bathroom design

There are many ways to make your minimalist bathroom design have an attractive design. One way is to give a new touch to the bathroom floor and walls. Availability of floor coverings and bathroom walls are widely available in the market. You just choose the material, color and motif that you like.

The Most Popular Bathroom Design Concepts

Although it seems that only the bathroom is located at the back, it doesn't mean the design can be arbitrary. You can choose one of five concepts which I will describe below.

Modern Minimalist Concept

Modern minimalist bathroom design is one of the favorite designs of many people. Besides being able to create a simple, clean, and comfortable impression, there is also a contemporary aura that is highlighted.

The key to getting the ideal bathroom design for this model is the accuracy of the design. It doesn't matter if the space is narrow as long as the design is not chaotic. For bathroom furniture, this model is also not difficult to find because many design service providers provide it.

Bathroom elements such as bathtubs, showers, sinks are the main components in a modern minimalist bathroom. Modern minimalist bathroom designs themselves are usually dominated by neutral colors, such as white, gray, and brown. You just choose according to taste.

Small Minimalist Bathroom

A small minimalist bathroom can be another solution if you want to carry a concept other than modern. The elements used in this model bathroom are quite simple because they only need to add important components. You can also add shelves for soap, towels, and so on.

There is no term ideal bathroom size, there is only how to make the most of the available sizes. To get a broad impression, you can install a mirror. Then if the bathtub will only narrow the bathroom, it's better to just install a shower.

Simple Bathroom

A simple bathroom design prioritizes a simple design but is still comfortable to use.


This bathroom design is usually more often adopted by people in rural areas. The bathtub and toilet beside it are sufficient to meet physical needs. If you want to carry this concept, at least you can add a mirror to make the room look wider.

Ceramic bathroom design inspiration

The development of the property industry lately is quite rapid with the emergence of various variants of new building materials. Not to mention the floor and wall covering materials that gave rise to innovations, one of which is ceramic material.

Ceramics are widely used in minimalist homes as floor and wall coverings. Almost all parts of the house can be applied with this ceramic material. Starting from the facade, living room, family room to the bathroom, you can use ceramics as a sweetener in the design. Even now ceramic material is also used as a roof covering material.

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